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As an art, hand sewing can be traced back to over twenty thousand years ago though it remains to be one of the oldest inventions today. Traditionally, the first sewing needles were made out of animal horns and bones while the threads were made out of animal’s sinews. Later on, iron needles were invented in the fourteenth century followed by the first eye needle which made its appearance in the fifteenth century.

The Birth of Mechanical Sewing
The invention of the eye needle resulted in a great revolution in the whole traditional sewing industries culminating in the birth of sewing machines. The first sewing machines were first invented in Europe and it advancement took roots in other countries which also begun to invent similar machines. Since then, several attempts have been made to improve the sewing machines. What one of the oldest sewing company’s still thriving is Singer Sewing Machines Company?
The History of Singer
Despite the first initial attempts to improve sewing machines, only one made the cut so easily. Until 1850’s sewing machines remained at lower production levels due to their inefficiency to produce much since improvements were still due. In late 1850’s, Isaac Singer successfully made the first commercial machine that translated the sewing industries into mass production.
Singer successfully built the first sewing machine in which the needle, being powered by a foot treadle, moved up and down instead of side to side. This classically out-performed the previous machines which were hand-cracked.
Singer Corporation
Singer Corporation was first established as I.M. Singer & Co. in 1851 by the Isaac above Singer alongside a lawyer from New York, Edward Clark. The Singer Corporation is currently the best producer of sewing machines in America. Singer Corporation has rebranded Singer Manufacturing Company in 1865 and later on again rebranded The Singer Company. It has a well-polished reputation globally for its unique and great sewing machines. Currently, it is based in La Vergne, Tennessee close to Nashville in the USA; albeit it had its first mass production company built in New Jersey in 1963.
The Company Today
Today, the name Singer has become very tantamount with sewing. From its very birth, the company has been characterized by practical design and creativity in innovation even as it continues to develop products to suit the diverse sewing levels. Having celebrated most of the first innovations in the sewing industry such as the first zigzag machine and the first electric machine, Singer has, in the long run, gained a deeper insight to confidently manufacture the world’s highly developed embroidered machines and home based sewing. Singer’s production widely expands from home décor and clothing construction to quilting as well as embroidery and as a company; it is dedicated to helping people express their potential through sewing.
Market Base
Singer is a world known sewing machine producer with a broad market base that extents at least to all the continents from North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific. Middle east and finally to Africa. Their products can only be found and purchased from independent authorized Singer sewing specialties, nationally, regionally and available even in online retailers. Suppose you find a machine that interests you, from their website that is, just click on where to buy it and all the necessary directions needed to find a local or online retail will be at your disposal.